World War Z - Max Brooks

World War Z Ebook Download

By Max Brooks

  • Release Date: 2006-09-12
  • Genre: Horror
Score: 4.5
From 4,336 Ratings


We survived the zombie apocalypse, but how many of us are still haunted by that terrible time? We have (temporarily?) defeated the living dead, but at what cost? Told in the haunting and riveting voices of the men and women who witnessed the horror firsthand, World War Z, a #1 New York Times bestseller and the basis for the blockbuster movie, is the only record of the plague years.


  • World War Z

    By Deafie50
    Whew! Bizarre but a great writer!
  • Amazing book!

    By WerewolfOfNYC
    Great book to read in digital copy. The night/black page/white type does not recognize chapter glyphs unfortunately.
  • Blah

    By MomTrying
    I read...A LOT. This may be the most boring book I've come across in many, many months. The genre excitement was lost in the interview format.
  • World War Z

    By Thatnine
    Good read, despite zombies
  • Eye opening!

    By Famous52595
    This book is not a book, it is art, it is experiences, it's everything, which most zombie books lack. This art shows you so many different perspectives of life, suffering, human sufficiency and tenacity for life, it opens your eyes of the various cultures around the world, and our differences that aren't so different if you look at it as the big picture. It continues to show the secrecy and cynicism of the world and most governmental powers. And so much more. Highly recommended! The movie does not do the book justice, not because it's bad but because it's just not the same feel. And it kinda goes against the book as to show human kind as one unit and twists it to show you all the social standards, beliefs and concepts of today's society.
  • Worth reading but concept is hard to execute

    By crushedbydwarf
    I loved the concept (write the book as a historic report based on numerous eye witness interviews), but it makes for a very confused book that lacks a continuous thread. I still recommend reading it, but every few pages a new person is introduced with a different story, rarely ever to be mentioned again. As a result there is no narrative that "pulls you into the story". That being said, most of the individual stories are real page turners.
  • I got hooked!!!

    By Fabz1990
    Normally not my type of book, but this one really glued me to the iPad. Much much better than the movie!!!
  • Unlike Anything I've Read Before

    By Christovofdunn
    World War Z is a phenomenal science fiction novel that brings a zombie apocalypse to life through journalistic story telling and historical lessons as if it has happened. The reader is brought through the assumed start and final days and current situation. The story takes the reader all over the world as if they are trying to solve the mystery and cure with those in "history." The imagination out into the zombie figures was outstanding and logically real. This book is a great fictional read. 1,000 times better than the movie. Highly recommended...
  • Decent.

    By b_W123
    For the most part this kept me entertained, it even had me on edge at times. Although, I found myself wandering into random thought while reading certain dry parts. I didn't care enough to re-read most of those parts. Possibly a factor of my own laziness, but I usually don't find myself doing this. Intriguing idea for a novel that could have been better laid out better at parts.
  • Sexy

    By €£¥€££¥>££¥